San Marcos Development Code

3 C H A P T E R


1. All legislative approvals needed to authorize the proposed uses for the land.

adequate to serve each phase of the development in accordance with Section;

2. A watershed protection plan (phase 1).

4. The schedule of development is feasible and prudent, and assures that the proposed development shall progress to completion within the time limits proposed; 5. The location, size and sequence of the phases of development proposed assures orderly and efficient development of the land subject to the subdivision concept plat; and 6. Where the proposed development is located in whole or in part in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City and is subject to an interlocal agreement under Tex. Loc. Gov’t Code Ch. 242, the proposed subdivision concept plat meets any county standards to be applied under the agreement. Section Modifications to an Approved Subdivision Concept Plat A. Administrative Adjustment. After approval of a subdivision concept plat the responsible official may approve an administrative adjustment for minor variations in an approved subdivision concept plat that: 1. Do not increase the intensity, density, or number of units, by more than 10%; and 2. Do not negatively impact the adequate provision of public facilities. Section Expiration and Extension 1. Expiration of the subdivision concept plat shall be governed by the phasing schedule approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission as part of the concept plat. 2. Failure to make progress as defined by Texas Local Government Code Chapter 245 towards completion of each phase of the subdivision in accordance with the approved phasing schedule shall result in the expiration of the subdivision concept plat in accordance with Section A. Expiration

3. A transportation plan.

Section Approval Process

A. Responsible Official Action.

1. The Responsible Official shall review the application for a concept plat in accordance with the criteria in Section and provide a report and recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

B. Planning and Zoning Commission Action.

1. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall decide whether to approve, approve with conditions, or statutorily deny the subdivision concept plat application. 2. The conditions may relate to, among other matters, compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, and the availability and capacity of public improvements. 3. The Planning and Zoning Commission may condition approval on exclusion of land from the subdivision concept plat or adjustments in the proposed sequence or timing in the proposed phases of the development. Section Criteria for Approval A. The following criteria shall be used to determine whether an application for a subdivision concept plat shall be approved, approved with conditions, or statutorily denied: 1. The subdivision concept plat is consistent with all applicable standards and requirements for the property, and any prior approvals listed in Section; 2. The proposed provision and configuration of roads, electric, water, wastewater, drainage and park facilities conform to the Comprehensive Plan and any approved City Master Plans or Capital Improvement Plans; 3. The proposed provision and configuration of roads, water, electric, wastewater, drainage and park facilities, and easements and rights-of-way are determined to be


Adopted April 17, 2018 San Marcos Development Code

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