San Marcos Development Code

3 C H A P T E R


D. Final Development Plat in Lieu of Preliminary Development Plat. An applicant may submit a final development plat in lieu of a preliminary development plat, provided that: 1. All criteria for approval for both the preliminary development plat application and the final development plat application shall be applied to the final development plat application 2. A subdivision improvement agreement is filed for any public improvement construction plans required for a final development plat application. Section Remainder Tracts A. Status of Remainder Tracts. A remainder tract shall not be considered to be a lot or tract of the subdivision. Approval of a subdivision plat shall not constitute approval of development on a remainder tract. B. Information on Remainder Tracts. Information accompanying a subdivision plat application for remainder tracts shall be deemed to be an aid to the Planning and Zoning Commission in taking action on the plat application and may be used to determine whether development of the land subject to the plat shall be adequately served by public facilities and services and is otherwise in compliance with this Development Code, taking into account the development of the property as a whole. C. Information concerning remainder tracts, including topography, drainage, and existing and planned public improvements, may be considered in formulating conditions to approve the plat application. Based upon such information, the Planning and Zoning Commission may require that additional or less land be included in the subdivision plat in order to satisfy the standards applicable to the plat application. D. A watershed protection plan (phase 1 or phase 2, as applicable) shall not be required for remainder tracts. Section Easements A. Platted easements and easements by separate instrument shall be provided in the locations and dimensions required by the City in order to:

2. Allow for proper installation of water, electric, and sewer lines, whether immediately proposed or necessary for adequate service in the future;

3. Allow for cross-access between properties;

4. Allow for adequate transit facilities and access;

5. Allow for adequate pedestrian and bicycle access;

6. Allow for adequate right-of way for street types;

7. Allow for adequate public access; and

8. Allow for adequate slope for roadway construction.

B. Easement widths shall be specified by the City as necessary to accommodate existing and future needs as well as construction, inspection and maintenance, and repair of facilities. For drainage easements, the widths should be sufficient to accommodate areas anticipated to be inundated by stormwater.


Section Certification of Reasons for Denial

A written summary of the reasons for denial of a plat application shall be provided by the Responsible Official to the applicant. For purposes of this Section, conditional approval of a plat application shall not be considered a denial. Section Certifications Regarding Exemption The Responsible Official, upon written application of a property owner, a utility provider, or the City Council, shall certify in writing whether a plat is required under this Chapter 3 or whether an exemption under Section applies to a proposed development for the land. The Responsible Official shall notify the applicant of the determination within twenty (20) days of the date the application is received, or within ten days of the date of the decision, whichever is earlier, in the manner provided in Section The applicant may appeal the Responsible Official’s decision in the manner provided in Section

1. Allow for adequate storm drainage facilities;


Adopted April 17, 2018 San Marcos Development Code

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