San Marcos Development Code

9 C H A P T E R

Legacy Districts

D. Accessory buildings shall not exceed the height allowed in the specific zoning district. E. Metal portable accessory buildings less than 120 square feet and no greater than eight and one-half feet in total ridge height are permitted, but only if a solid fence or wall six feet in height is built on the side/rear lot line to screen the building from adjacent property and from the view of a public street. Such metal buildings shall not be used as an enclosed parking area or garage. F. See Section exterior construction standards for accessory buildings.

B. Prima facie proof of occupancy of a dwelling unit by more than two unrelated persons is established in any prosecution for violation of this Section if it is shown that the same three or more vehicles with registrations to persons having different surnames and addresses were parked overnight at the dwelling unit a majority of nights in any 21-day period. This establishment of a prima facie level of proof in this subsection does not preclude a showing of “occupancy” of a dwelling unit by a person in any other manner. C. The property owner and any agent of the property owner shall be legally responsible for directly or indirectly allowing, permitting, causing, or failing to prohibit the occupancy of a dwelling unit by more than two unrelated persons. Section Renewable Energy Systems


Section Provisions for Home Occupations

A. See Section

A. See Section


Section Communications Antennas and Support Structures/ Towers

A. See Section

Section Conditional Use Permits for On-Site Alcoholic Beverage Consumption

A. See Section

Section Conditional Use Permits for Fraternity/ Sorority Buildings

A. See Section

Section Occupancy Restrictions

A. Limited Number of Unrelated Individuals. All dwelling units located in SF-11, DR, TH, PH-ZL zoning districts shall be restricted to occupancy by a family, and up to one other person who is not related to any of the family members by blood, legal adoption, marriage, or conservatorship.


San Marcos Development Code Adopted April 17, 2018

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