San Marcos Development Code

2 C H A P T E R

Development Procedures

4. The neighborhood presentation meeting shall be held on or in close proximity to the area of the request. 5. The neighborhood presentation meeting shall be held 20-28 days prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. (Ord. No. 2018-42, 11-7-18) H. Application Fees. Filing fees have been established to help defray the cost of processing applications. The current fee schedule is prepared and adopted by the City Council as an appendix to this development code and is available on-line on the city’s website. 1. An application is not considered complete until all fees are paid in full. 2. The fee schedule may be amended from time to time by resolution of the city council. 3. The following entities shall be exempt from all fees prescribed under this development code except that no exemption from or waiver of impact fees shall be permitted except as provided under Chapter 86 of the City’s General Code of Ordinances of this development code: a. Non-profit organizations receiving funds from the city through the city’s community development block grant or human services program; b. The city when using city employees on a construction project of the city; c. Contractors hired by the city to work on construction projects of the city; d. San Marcos Reinvestment Corporation and San Marcos Habitat for Humanity when building new affordable single-family residential dwellings; e. The Housing Authority of the City of San Marcos, for construction projects on property it owns, for low- income housing or administrative offices; and f. Any taxing unit as defined under Section 1.04(11) of the Texas Tax Code for construction projects having a permitted value of $1,000.00 or less.

I. Modification of Applications. The applicant may modify any application following its filing and prior to the expiration of the period during which the city is required to act on the application. 1. Submittal of a modified application shall extend the time for deciding the application for a period equal to the time specified in this Development Code to decide the original application. J. Application Review. Following the determination that an application is complete, the responsible official shall: 1. Circulate the application for review by city departments or external agencies as applicable and compile the comments and recommendations; 2. Forward the application for review to any advisory body and the final decision-maker, and prepare a report to such body; and 3. Prepare required notices and schedule the application for decision within the time and in the manner required by this Development Code. K. Action by Advisory Body. In the absence of a recommendation from an advisory body by a majority vote on a proposed application, the advisory body shall be presumed conclusively to have recommended that the application be considered by the city council with no recommendation from the advisory body. L. Decision. The decision-maker for the application shall approve, approve with conditions or deny the application. M. Conditions. Where applicable the initial or final decision-maker may attach such conditions to the approval of an application as are reasonably necessary to assure compliance with this Development Code.


Section General Notice Requirements

For public notice and hearing requirements see Table 2.1

A. Published Notice. Whenever published notice is required under state law, the City Charter, or this Development Code, the Responsible Official shall cause notice to be published in


Adopted: April 17, 2018 San Marcos Development Code

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