San Marcos Development Code

4 C H A P T E R

Zoning regulations

Section Expression Tools

The standards in this section are intended to ensure that expression tools utilized to satisfy the blank wall area standards are of sufficient size and design to meet the intent of the blank wall area requirement. Section Cornice A. Description. A cornice detail providing a horizontal articulation. B. General Requirements:

1. The cornice detail must be at least 18 in. height

2. The cornice detail bust be at least 6 in. deep

3. The cornice detail must extend the entire width of the front facade.

Section Wall Notch

A. Description. A front facade setback providing vertical articulation to a building facade. B. General Requirements:

1. The wall notch must provide a front facade setback of a minimum depth of 4 ft. and length of 8 ft.

Section Vertical or Horizontal Expression Line

A. Description. A vertical or horizontal expression line created by molding.

B. General Requirements:

1. A vertical or horizontal line with a minimum size of at least 4 in. depth and 12 in. width 2. The vertical or horizontal expression line must occur at a minimum interval of every 60 ft. across the building frontage.


San Marcos Development Code Adopted April 17, 2018

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