San Marcos Development Code

1 C H A P T E R




Section Definitions

Division 1: GENERAL

Terms used throughout this Development Code are defined in Chapter 8 “Definitions” or elsewhere in this Development Code. Such definitions are integral to this Development Code. When used in this Development Code, unless otherwise specifically provided, or unless clearly required by the context, the words and phrases used in this Development Code shall have the meanings given to them. All other terms shall be accorded their commonly accepted meanings. For purposes of determining the common accepted meaning of any term, reference may be made to the latest edition of Webster’s Dictionary; or for words used in combination, or where Webster’s Dictionary does not define a word, reference may be made to A Planners Dictionary, published by the American Planning Association or The New Illustrated Book of Development Definitions, published by Rutgers University or Definitions published and utilized by the International Code Council. For purposes of this Development Code, in the event of any conflict between the definitions in this Development Code and definitions provided by other codes, ordinances, regulations or laws, the definitions of this Development Code shall take precedence over any such conflicting definitions. Any violation of the San Marcos Code of Ordinances which existed prior to the effective date of this Development Code shall continue to be a violation under this Development Code and be subject to penalties and enforcement under this Development Code unless the use, development, construction, or other activity complies with the provisions of this Development Code. If the prior violation is no longer a violation under this Development Code no new enforcement action shall be initiated as to such prior violation but any enforcement action initiated before the effective date of this Development Code, including the collection of any fines or penalties, may be pursued to conclusion. Division 5: TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS Section Continued Violation

Section Shall; Should; Must; May

Provisions of this Chapter are activated by “shall” or “will” or “must” when required; “should” when recommended; and “may” when optional. Section Conflict of Numerical & Graphical Metrics Where in conflict, numerical metrics shall take precedence over graphic metrics.


Section Maps & Tables Integral

Maps, tables, and the standards in this Development Code are an integral part hereof. Section Diagrams, Images, & Illustrations Diagrams, photographs and illustrations in tables are provided to provide guidance in implementing any associated written provi- sions and to indicate the general character or placement of and/ or reference to the various elements shown thereon and shall have regulatory force and effect to that extent. Section “Illustration” & “Illustrative” Items All depictions entitled “Illustration” or denoted as “Illustrative” are provided for purposes of explaining any associated written provi- sions and are regulatory to that extent.


Section Minimum Requirements

Unless otherwise provided, the standards of this Development Code are minimum requirements.


Adopted April 17, 2018 San Marcos Development Code

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